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GE Healthcare clinical accessories

Maintain high performance for your GE Healthcare equipment with reliable & compatible clinical accessories.

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Neocoil Sentinel Audio System

Trunk Cables and Leadwires

GE Healthcare trunk cables and leadwires help you make the correct connection to GE Healthcare monitoring devices. These high quality reusable cables complement your monitoring equipment enabling accurate measurements. They have been tested and verified as compatible with GE Healthcare monitoring devices to deliver optimum performance and high standard of care.

Chemical-resistant jacketing extends cable life, facilitates cleaning and remains flexible to withstand bending and twisting and enhance patient comfort.
Ease of Use
The leadwires are fast and easy to apply with clearly labeled, color-coded snaps and grabbers. Cables are backward-compatible with existing GE Healthcare monitors.
GE Healthcare ECG cables are available in 3-, 5-, 6- and 12-lead configurations, along with a 5-lead cable with a built-in electro-surgical unit filter for operating rooms, and a 3-lead DIN-style cable for neonatal monitoring.

Corometrics Nautilus 9‑Crystal transducers

We are happy to announce that our Corometrics Nautilus 9‑Crystal transducers are once again available directly from GE Healthcare for replacement throughout the life of your Corometrics monitor. The combo transducers, for both ultrasound and toco, feature the same trusted technology—but now with a novel combination of button and loop styles in a single transducer.

GE Healthcare combo transducers offer the below benefits:

Verified compatible with Corometrics 250-series and 170-series monitors.
Combo button-and-loop design provides flexibility in a single transducer.
Parameter excellence
Our 9-crystal technology helps achieve a wide focal region for more uniform coverage at greater depths.
Patient comfort
Flat toco transducer designed for increased comfort. Designed to support minimal re-positioning. Watertight for cleanability and in-water use.
  • Corometrics Toco Transducer, Button and Loop

    Item No. 2108347-001

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Direct access to clinical accessories
for every care area

At GE Healthcare, we strive to provide ease and support to you throughout the lifecycle of your equipment, helping keep your healthcare facilities running smoothly.

Anesthesia & Ventilators

CO2 absorbent,patient connections,filters,masks
and more.

Diagnostic Cardiology

ECG leadwires,electodes and recording papers for all your MAC™ ,Cardiosoft™ ,Case™ and SEER equipment.

Maternal-Infant Care

IUPC,T Piece,ECG electrodes, recording papers and more to support your GE Healthcare equipment.

Patient Monitoring

ECG,cardiac output and temperature accessories for efficient care.

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